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In cryptography, a cryptographic hash function is a transformation that takes an input and returns a fixed-size string, which is called the hash value. Hash functions with this property are used for a variety of computational purposes, including cryptography. The hash value is a concise representation of the message or document from which it was computed. Cryptographic hash functions are used to do message integrity checks and digital signatures in various information security applications, such as authentication and message integrity.

A hash function takes a string (or 'message') of any length as input and produces a fixed length string as output, sometimes termed a message digest or a digital fingerprint. A hash value (also called a "digest" or a "checksum") is a kind of "signature" for a stream of data that represents the contents. One analogy that explains the role of the hash function would be the "tamper-evident" seals used on a software package.

In various standards and applications, the two most commonly used hash functions are MD5 and SHA-1. In 2005, security flaws were identified in both algorithms. In 2007 the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced a contest to design a hash function which will be given the name SHA-3 and be the subject of a FIPS standard.

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